Home schooling….

I would love to homeschool for this quite alone.  I’m not sure that the state is capable of teaching our future generations the skill required to survive in a modern work place especially when it comes to soft/emotive skills . They seem to want to churn out autonmons who’s thinking is confined to checkbox mentality.  Perhaps they envisage all employees all the future will be government regulators where checking boxes is exactly what is needed .

In a world that requires more and more creative thinking we seem to sending our children down the road of educational serfdom. 

Professional Politicians = Entrepreneurs with no incentives + ability to raise taxes and borrow ever larger amounts….. A recipe for disaster

We see the following all the time with Politicians more laws more restrictions …if just had more money we could solve it all…perhaps you should have spent the money that you borrowed well then you would not be in this position, in turn we all would not be on the hook for all the nations debt. It’s OK for them they will be gone with cushy pensions and jobs on boards of the companies who want to their noses in trough of government expenditure – for us and our children it just going to more hours down at the tax farm. 


The state has the ability to legislate the peoples of give territory , the problem is that government can be formed by those who as mises said are “incompetent , corrupt or vile men” . I would add a couple more including those who are power hungry it also attracts short term thinker who can only see as far as the next political cycle giving both of these sorts of personalities access to state will surely lead a nation , that both looses it liberties and freedoms as well running deficits in order to please voters for the next political cycle. 

Economic Laws….

The quote is great ,you got to love a bit of Bastiat.  The upside is that individuals are  always that much faster to find ways to circumvent the  unnecessary intrusions of government in their lives. So in some respects there is hope for individuals – but don’t expect it to come from the state anytime soon. 


…..after reading Spooner (which I highly recommend) you almost start to wonder what’s the point of voting. On some level  I think that it encourages politicians to to rate their self worth higher than they would otherwise, when in reality they have the same flaws as everyone else…just because they are now elected does not transformn them into angels with higher special powers and morals than the rest of us . 


I often had trouble confirming to “school industrial conplex” during my formative years. When I came across this meme it was pretty well sumed up my educational life.  The points mentioned in the meme state the pitfauls in our current educational system..got wonder why they want to keep us stupid ??

That’s just being greedy…

…to be honest, the quote is so concise it says it all. We need for our political masters to understand that we will no longer be fooled by their clever use of language. How can their taxation and expenditure be moral or justified without question yet my saving and investing in for a rainy day¬† should be viewed as greed.

Both sides of the equation are greedy the major difference being that I want what is more of my own, (earned through my own hard work and efforts) whereas the state wants more of what belongs to me. It does not have the capacity to create, invent or allocate resources as effectively as individuals. Instead it resorts to taxing us and then purchase the goods from the market. It then presents them to us as “public goods” stating

“…that if it was not for us who would make this for you ..?”

Yet it is not the state who makes it but simply mismanages it.


Politicians pick economic winners…

Having now read and  listened to fair bit of Austrian Economics , it’s fair to understand why the truth is squeezed to the frindges or labelled as “cookey” . The political class both left and right have been able to use Keynesian economics for cover to interfere at all levels in a nation’s economy. 

The secondary effect of this Keynesian culture permeating through the political class is their ability to tax and spend on their nations citizens.  The problem is that they have proven unable to tax  efficiently judging by the amount tax legislation that we have.  On the spending side they have also failed –  just look at the chronic governemt deficits/debt that all Western Liberal Democracy have. 

Finally, this lends to the political class becoming more important than they would otherwise be as they now have the ability to “dish” the money to favoured parties or perhaps  donors , but only a cynic would thinks that…

Be careful those you elecet…

…they come with same flaws as yourself. To take any person and make them an employee of the state does not take away from that person the flaws with which they have been created . The problem is that with power of the state it yields those who stupid , incompetent or crazy with far too control of our lives and with high probability of not acting in a way that we understand to be ¬†moral.