That’s just being greedy…

…to be honest, the quote is so concise it says it all. We need for our political masters to understand that we will no longer be fooled by their clever use of language. How can their taxation and expenditure be moral or justified without question yet my saving and investing in for a rainy day  should be viewed as greed.

Both sides of the equation are greedy the major difference being that I want what is more of my own, (earned through my own hard work and efforts) whereas the state wants more of what belongs to me. It does not have the capacity to create, invent or allocate resources as effectively as individuals. Instead it resorts to taxing us and then purchase the goods from the market. It then presents them to us as “public goods” stating

“…that if it was not for us who would make this for you ..?”

Yet it is not the state who makes it but simply mismanages it.


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