Lew Rockwell !!

Last couple days have had a chance to catch up with a lot of Mises University videos. The one that took my interest was the following conversation that he had with Tom Woods. All of his podcasts are worth a listen he interviews great authors who have gone to great lengths to uncover the truth. 

The conversation below is much more free flowing and it gives you an idea where he stands on a number of issues. 

Enjoy !! 

Why Can’t You Email Your Doctor?

Listened to this great podcast on the way into work.  It’s very difficult having grown up with the state providing health care to imagin a  world where it might be provided by other means , such as charities , co-op , nonprofit for profit,  or any other civil organization. But that is exactly what we do with food , mobile phones and insurance to name just a few.  

What we  need to do is to give people more choice with their health care options .  We do not say for example that we are going to socialise tax collection and then provide socialised milk . We let the individuals use their milk coupons/vouchers where they choose. The same principal should be used when it comes to picking health care  \ schooling let people be free to spend their own money their own way. 

This podcast gives a great example of Doctors who are choosing to break free of the bureaucratic system that have built up over the years in the US. Although the US may not be going for an out an out socialised care it seems that the market has become so regulated and so punative for the consumer (can you imagin any other scenario/market where the consumer will be fined for not take out insurance) that it will happen via the back door. Its great to see individuals finding alternatives for their customers and providing them with the care that they need. 

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Ron Paul = Mr Liberty

Early in my Libertarian path of discovery I came across the following page on the Mises website (Link below) . There is also a you tube of him giving the speech. It would be a video that all incoming politicians on any side of the isle should be made to watch. Once again it is delivered in style that is consumable and well within the reach of all people to understand. Well worthy of a listen and a read !! 


Gold,peace and prosperity !! 

I just finished listening to the audio version of the book below. I am always so impressed by how Dr Ron Paul is able to so consciencly give a historical narrative of gold and side affects that it has caused. While giving  one of the most compelling  arguments to why we should return to free and open market for the money that we use. 

Why should we be forced to use the currency demanded by our Politicians ?Given the choice we would much rather trade in a currency that is back by something tangible say gold or  silver,in a competing market of coins/currency the best one would rise to the top and could theoretically be backed by anything. Bit coin as an example is backed by the time it took to complete the puzzle which earns the coin – I could be wrong here but thats how I understand it. 


Watch “James Rickards: End Game for the Global Economy” on YouTube

Just watched this great interview James Rickards – I must be honest the first time I had heard his name. But will almost certainly be investigated in his book.  The interview gave a little back round some of the recent banking problems and some predictions about what will happen the next time we have a crash. According to James the plans are already being laid out for bailins of savers. And for the IMF to use its SDR currency to bail out central bankers who have gone “full tilt”on printing money.

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The humble pencil…

The narrative often given in the media is that capitalism  is a “dog eat dog” world . From the consumer perspective it provides the worlds population a mass of  choice and options everything from a plethora of flat panel TV , medicines and everything else that makes the modern world fantastic place to be – including this phone that has this  WordPress app that I am writing with now. But if we look beneath the surface of the “cut throat competition” we see something else playing out, which is 100s of different actors exchaing value for value each to their own mutual advantage. Making both parties better off. The essay below describe just such a scenario. 


Cool bookmark !!!

I really need to make this into a bookmark….it’s very cool and perhaps could leave it coffee shops around town covert some hipster guardian readers to sane economic thinking….

No rant today….


The more I read about the abolition movement in the UK the more that I unearth a treasure trove of information. The picture above was used and turned into pendants that Wedgewood helped to produced. An example of one is below these  would be worn by those who supported the abolition movement.  

As I mentioned in the earlier post there is a whole Civil Rights movement that was happening at this time in Britian. It’s something that deserves greater study by all. They were the Martin Luther Kings of their time ,truly remarkable individuals who fought on the right side no matter the cost and loss of personal standing. As Libertarians we would stood shoulder to shoulder with such individuals. 


I have been reading a biography of William Wilberforce. And have been highlighting some of the references with some enthusiasm I’ll share some of them later . The British Civil rights movement was well ahead of our American cousins although in a very British way we don’t make enough noise about these success (you can watch Amazing Grace the movie) . some of the references that I have marked and plan on reading I believe will provide some great arguments for a samller state and more individual Liberty.