Why Can’t You Email Your Doctor?

Listened to this great podcast on the way into work.  It’s very difficult having grown up with the state providing health care to imagin a  world where it might be provided by other means , such as charities , co-op , nonprofit for profit,  or any other civil organization. But that is exactly what we do with food , mobile phones and insurance to name just a few.  

What we  need to do is to give people more choice with their health care options .  We do not say for example that we are going to socialise tax collection and then provide socialised milk . We let the individuals use their milk coupons/vouchers where they choose. The same principal should be used when it comes to picking health care  \ schooling let people be free to spend their own money their own way. 

This podcast gives a great example of Doctors who are choosing to break free of the bureaucratic system that have built up over the years in the US. Although the US may not be going for an out an out socialised care it seems that the market has become so regulated and so punative for the consumer (can you imagin any other scenario/market where the consumer will be fined for not take out insurance) that it will happen via the back door. Its great to see individuals finding alternatives for their customers and providing them with the care that they need. 

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