If there is no choice to opt out then the government really is a charity with a gun that will take our money and then present us with a package of goods and services . Some of them we will want others we don’t  and would never consume if had the the option to do so on the free market. 


….left or right the both tend to want to make the state larger…when the other get into power then are not able to role back the others decisions and add their own expenditure on top of  those already created adding to ever more law rules and regulations. Perhaps better if they left us a lone altogether. 


Herbert Spencer a little less well know on the Libertarian Circuit. This quote strikes very true in these times of statist intervention in so many areas of our personal life. There seems to be nothing that government deem not worthy of their interference and meddling. I don’t believe that this extends to me helping privately or voluntarily to those individuals who have fallen on hard times. But I am against the state forcing money out of all of us to provide us with a package of welfare some of which we donot want to consume or may even believe in being immoral. 

No incentive….

Those who spend our money and send out young men and women to fight abroad have no incentive to behave or perform, in the private market we are constantly informed of our performance or lack there off. In the political market place not so (a little better with social media though) elections are held in a cycle.  When it comes to election time spin and presentation come to the fore and war dead and debt are pushed under the carpet,  enquiries are established that have there powers seriously curtailed so we have BAU in political landscape. With us the taxpayer on the hook for their interventions. 

Save me please…

Just kidding the only person I need to be save from is the politicians themselves .

Mencken makes a great point ,that all of our Liberties and Freedoms come to be stolen for a greater good. The trouble is that those who do want to save humanity don’t tend to have a great track record war , debt and bail outs forcef on the Citizenry,  living high on the hog for those corporatist bodies .