How Bitcoin Is Undermining Socialism in Latin America

Often I hear people ask if that Libertarian is so great why have people not voted for just such a society ?  The problem here is that none of the people standing (for elections) ever say that more liberty is the answer , more rules/regulations/mandates and policy Tsars are the order of the day.  Not surprising that one of the most common occupations legislative bodies is ……a lawyer . 

Often being a Libertarian is a state of mind one the we direct with our own actions opposed to seeking out an Libertarian government. This could include brewing your own beer , you could opt out of the current banking system by holding money in a peer-to-peer lender. 

In South American countries one of the primary ways that people are circumventing the state is to use bitcoin.  The interview below describes how Venezuelaians are using bitcoin to take money out of bolivars and is to bitcoin and then they have access to the overseas markets for goods. And in Brazil it used to avoid the punative import duties on electronic good. Have a listen and see these examples explained more fully.