what the mail !!!

A classic case of not being able to get the most basic of opertaions done correctly.


What strikes me a very strange in this whole sorry episode that the people that suppose they know exactly how to deliver all of my medical care needs – are not able to able to get test results to me in the mail !!

Will any one loose their contracts or loose their job…? I have a feeling thing it will be business as usual and they will contiue to get paid their rather inflated pay for re-routing mail a job tha the Royal Mail already do for us.

To me the who things like a over complicated make “work” and make “profits” scheme.If a patients medical test results get sent to the old GP . Then the old GP will simply have  the following options :

  1. Send it back stating no longer my patient and this is their new GP is x please correspond with them going forwad.
  2. They forward to the new GP and ask that they inform the other health departments involved that they are the new GP .
  3. If it is urgent . They contact their previous patient and let them know they have a letter for them and ask for their new address.

Why we need the creation NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) to deliver mail and re-route mail seems absud .  What’s the rest of the country  doing  ?? I guess they must just using the the Royal mail ??

The same bureucrats that will continue  earn six figres while the tax payer is on the hook for all the errors (and not too mention the investigations – MPs always love an investigation no need to resign .  In the mean time they will be  promoted  /  leave – cabinet reshuffle / loose power and/or thier seat / or the media will forget and move on the next circus in town ) , and the patients may well have been left in the dark believeing that all is well.

Most like the poor idividual who “whistle blew ” will be forced to leave.