Think about the children !!!

Not sure if I have quite got quote  right , but Ned Flanders wife would often come out with this expression .  For libertarian minded people/groups  subject/policies/issues that relate to our children can be the hardest area to open people’s minds to voluntary action, one of the most challenging areas is  education . The common trope out is that

“with out State involvement who would educate the children!!?? “

There have been critics to state education from the outset , and the voluntaryist movement in Britain made many arguments that hold true today as they  did in 1800s.

Joseph Priestly was one of the stand out  figures of that time ( . He believed that education much like other parts of the economy were stronger when left to compete . The best training and teaching methods for their students could only appear in environment where there could be experimentation and trial and error .

This one of  4 parts episodes that was done as part of a podcast series on   (a great resource for books and articles too)

Below is the link to the podcast.

I will attempt to review each one individually as I re-listen to them .

Enjoy !