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Blue Zones’ Dan Buettner: “Fine-tuning the human machine”



The Sunday Times’ tech correspondent brings on Dan Buettner to talk about how to live a longer, healthier life (6:00), keeping it simple (8:55), what happens when a spouse dies (11:15), what are “blue zones” (11:30), the secret to longevity (14:30), why happiness doesn’t include a car (16:15), why genes don’t matter that much (18:40), why happiness is important (20:30), the sleep industry (23:10), where we have gone wrong (24:40), designing cities (27:40), how he set records cycling around the world (33:00), testing his “blue zones” theories (35:40), death by over-nutrition (38:05), the ‘food as medicine’ movement (39:30), and leaving the last piece of mutton (41:55).

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